• XXNew Horizons:

       Moved back to Colorado in August 2011. Now living and creating in Trinidad. Great community that has welcomed us with open arms and curiosity. Now have a perfectly wondrous studio and fantastic display space at  214 East Main St. Please top by for a visit if you're ever in this part of the universe.



Shows & Exhibitions:  

     Watch for details about my biggest and certainly most unique solo exhibition, "Galerie Vivante."  It will appear late spring in a to be announced Colorado Springs location in collaboration with Modbo/SPQR galleries.                        


Internet Galleries & Exposure: 


Other News


The Cotton Center for Arts in Colorado Springs, CO has honored me by allowing me to jury the upcoming "Dia De Los Muertos" exhibition in October with an opening reception on Friday October 30th (5 - 8:30). Go to website for entry deadlines and requirements and learn more about an amazing new art center.


"Symbiosis" at the Modbo and Rubbish Gallery in Colorado Springs, CO was a grand success. All expectations and hopes were greatly surpassed - phenomenal press coverage, unbelievable attendance and sales were amazing. Thanks to all that attended.


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